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Top Tier Gasoline: What Is It and Should You Use It?

Posted by Gloria Heath on Mon,Sep 30, 2019 @ 08:54 AM

Cars have improved over the past 70 years or so, and so has the gasoline we put in them.

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The EPA introduced mandatory minimum standards for detergent additives in 1995, but these standards turned out to be inadequate for keeping engines clean on a long-term basis. After seeing widespread problems in their vehicles as a result of these fuel standards, a group of six vehicle manufacturers got together in 2004 to create a new and better type of gas, called Top Tier gasoline. Since then, the group has expanded to 11 manufacturers.

Top Tier gasoline has enough detergent additives to definitely keep fuel injectors clean, and to reduce combustion chamber deposits over the life of the vehicle. There’s also Top Tier diesel. It’s entirely possible you’ve never heard this term, but don’t worry — odds are you’ve been using the right fuel nonetheless.

What is Top Tier gasoline?

Top Tier is a trademarked name. It refers to gasolines (and diesel fuels) that meet specific detergent additive specifications way beyond what the EPA requires. To get the Top Tier designation, a brand of gasoline must clean engines better using deposit control additives; it can’t contain metallic additives that can harm both the engine and the environment’ and it must be available across all octane levels at that brand’s stations. Benefits of Top Tier gasoline include:

  • Improved emissions
  • Deposit control
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Improved stability
  • Reduced friction

Should Indianapolis residents use Top Tier gasoline?

Absolutely! Top Tier gasoline will keep your car running smoothly, with a much cleaner engine. A 2016 AAA study found that engines not using Top Tier gasoline produced 19 times more deposits than those running on the good stuff. In addition, not using Top Tier gasoline reduced fuel economy, worsened drivability, and increased emissions. Whether your owner’s manual recommends it or not, your car will benefit from Top Tier gasoline.

Many gasoline brands have discovered that selling Top Tier gasoline is good for business. At the time of writing, there are 53 different national and regional brands selling Top Tier gasoline in the U.S. This includes your major brands, Costco, and even many convenience store chains in Indianapolis.

For a current listing of Top Tier Gasoline brands, check the Top Tier gasoline brand page.


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