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Safe & Approved Cleaning Products for Your European Vehicle

Posted by Gloria Heath on Thu,May 07, 2020 @ 10:58 AM

With the recent rise of COVID-19, people all across the globe are learning how to truly keep things not just clean but disinfected and germ-free. According to the CDC, washing your hands and disinfecting heavily-touched surfaces is the best way to ensure your safety, but you can go above and beyond in not just your home, but also in your car. 

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While many of us aren’t driving as much as we usually do, your vehicle is still one of the most important places to disinfect, as it’s the bridge between your isolated home and the outside world. When you go to the store, germs could be on your hands and then get transferred to the vehicle in many different ways. Today, we’ll discuss products you can use on your European vehicle, as well as methods of keeping your car safe and clean.

Safe Solutions

When it comes to which solutions are safe for your European vehicle, you might be worried about using strong cleaners and soaps like you would on your kitchen counter, as leather and fabric are less durable than, say, marble or granite. This is understandable. However, there are still some solutions you can use that will kill germs and keep your vehicle safe. 


The CDC recommends using a sanitizer with at least 70 percent alcohol. This ratio of a solution is required to kill as many germs as possible. This type of solution can be used in most vehicles, even on cloth interiors, although when it comes to leather, many manufacturers recommend gentle soap and water mixtures. 


Obviously, be careful when using any new product on your car, starting small so that you can make sure it’s not damaging anything. When it comes to the hard surfaces like your dashboard, steering wheel, and armrests, you can use stronger products here, like isopropyl alcohol wipes or even Lysol. 

What Not to Use

Now, perhaps just as important as what you should use, let’s discuss what you should avoid. While bleach and hydrogen peroxide are two effective household cleaners, they can damage your car fairly easily. We recommend steering clear. 


Also, while soap and water mixtures can work on leather and on harder surfaces, it’s not recommended to use them on cloth. This is because soap suds tend to sink into the fabric and remain there if not properly washed out, and you can’t really wash out a fabric seat in your car. 

Problem Areas

No matter what, you should be washing your hands before and after driving, to ensure you kill as many germs as possible. But it’s not a bad idea to wipe down and sanitize certain problem areas on a regular basis, especially if you’re driving frequently. 


For example, your steering wheel can be wiped down any time you drive. Just make sure to wash your hands before you clean it, otherwise, you could end up making it dirty again. Additionally, take the time to wipe down both interior and exterior door handles – basically anywhere that involves the use of hands, just like inside the house. Friction can also help kill germs, so even a light wipe-down can be helpful. 

The Next Level

If you’re feeling trapped while under quarantine, you can take it to the next level by doing a full cleaning of your car. For the exterior, you likely already know how to wash your car at home, but in case you don’t, you can use a mixture of dish soap and warm water. 


For the interior, use a shop vacuum cleaner or a hose attachment to get out all those crumbs and bits under the seats. Then, follow the above instructions to wipe down every surface. If your kids are driving you crazy during quarantine, make them help out with the interior as a weekly event. 

As you may have already heard, Euro Motorworks has been deemed an essential business, as everyone still needs access to transportation during this unprecedented time. However, we are taking precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of our team. If you need assistance with your vehicle, we are here to help.

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