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Best Auto Mobile Apps

Posted by Gloria Heath on Wed,Nov 04, 2020 @ 09:00 AM

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Our smartphones do everything now, and car apps are no different.

You can find your next car, find cheap gas or navigate around traffic all from your phone.

But you don’t want to download just any app; you want to make sure to pick ones that are right for your specific need.

Check out these apps: 


Great for: Navigating traffic

Price: Free!

Available for: Android and iOS

Want to avoid a traffic jam? Waze can help! Waze provides crowd-sourced traffic information, such as road closures, speed traps, construction delays and more.

Gas Buddy

Great for: Getting cheaper gas

Price: Free!

Available for: Android and iOS

Gas Buddy also uses crowd-sourced data to find nearby stations with the lowest prices. Who isn’t eager to save a few cents at the pump?

Great for: Shopping for a new or used car

Price: Free!

Available for: Android and iOS

You can search for a car at dealerships in your area. You can review information about the vehicles and the dealerships as well. Check out the market comparison tool to see what similar vehicles sold for in your area!


Great for: Finding parking

Price: Free!

Available for: Android and iOS

There are many apps that help you find parking spots, but Parkopedia has a massive index of over 60 million parking spaces in over 8,000 cities around the world. That coverage is better than most of the other apps!


Great for: Tracking vehicle expenses and maintenance

Price: Free!

Available for: Android and iOS

The app requires you to put in your mileage when you get gas, and then it builds a record that can help you budget for car-related expenses in the future.

These apps just take a few minutes to download (and maybe a few pennies), but in the end, they could save you tons of time. Why not try one today?

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