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Getting more life out of your Audi

Posted by Gloria Heath on Sun,Oct 07, 2012 @ 03:19 PM

Audi A8"Will you please just go away?!"

That's what I say to my Audi A8 every morning when I open the door to the garage and she has that stupid smirk on her grill. She knows I'm bored with her, she knows I've secretly been lusting after an A5 or maybe an A7 in a couple of years. Yet... she persists.

Every morning she starts right up and carries me in sumptuous comfort to work as she flawlessly glides down I-69 and lounges about in the parking lot at work, looking as good as the day she rolled off the assembly line. Well...maybe close to as good. You see, here's the rub, she's 10 years old! She's racked up 240,000 miles and I've enjoyed driving her for every last one. Worst of all, she still looks so smokin' hot!

Not to mention she's been paid for forever, the insurance company is practically sending me checks at this point and the lady at the BMV laughs when I pay for my plates and registration.

It would appear I'm in this like Donald Trump without a pre-nup. Longevity may not be your thing. However, if you're interested in enjoying those hard earned dollars for something other than a car payment, follow these tips to keep your ride stylin' and profilin'.

Give the girl some air!

We all know the importance of changing the oil in our vehicles. We don't always do it (we know who you are!) but we all know it's important. But changing the air filter is also important. It helps the car breathe easier and the engine last longer. If your air filter is clogged, your engine is not performing properly. Your fuel economy is also suffering and it can harm the engine over the long haul.

Keep her cool

Maintaining your vehicle's cooling system and the proper coolant level is imperative and can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Lack of proper coolant and maintenance of hoses can result in total system failure and an engine melt down.

Just the right amount of pressure

Our techs make it a practice to check tire pressure any time your car is in the shop, regardless of why it's in. It is shocking how often the tire pressures are inadequate. It's not only bad for your car, the tires and fuel economy, it's also a safety issue. It's easy to do and it essentially costs nothing. If you're not sure how to do it stop by the shop. We'll be glad to show you.

The gauges are the eyes to her soul

The guages will tell you everything you need to know if there is a problem with the oil pressure, cooling system or even tire pressure on the latest vehicles. That's if you're paying attention to them. Most people don't, that's why manufacturers have gone to "idiot lights". Gosh, they're kind of judgemental! I prefer "lights for people with other priorities"... so much nicer.

Keep her clean

Regular washing and waxing will do wonders for the way your car looks and the way you feel driving it. It will also help the resale value immensely. And... I'm just going to throw this out there... maybe you could find somewhere better to eat? The vast majority of interior damage we see is caused by eating and drinking in the car. It can get expensive too. There's just not much we can do when Junior has shoved a Pop-Tart into the CD player. I don't allow anything but a bottle of water in my car and the results are obvious. It looks brand new and I occasionaly still get a whiff of new car smell.

Get regular check-ups and get on a schedule

Find a shop and technician you trust and let that shop service your car all the time. If you can't think of one, call me and I'll make a suggestion. :-) Take care of your car like you would your body. If you get sick you don't go to a different doctor every time because your doctor knows you and your body inside and out. A good technician gets to know your vehicle the same way.

Your owner's manual has a maintenance schedule that's easy for you to follow. But, another advantage of using the same shop on a regular basis is they will be able to make sure you stick to the schedule and take care of things the manual may not include. Also, the maintenance schedule printed in the owner's manual is somewhat generalized. We calculate your required services by time and mileage. We know how many miles you average every month, because of that the service reminders we send out are quite accurate.

Take it easy on her - drive smart

The way you drive has a huge effect on how long your car and your gas will last. Taking off fast and coming to quick stops is hard on the engine, the brakes, suspension components, etc.



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